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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Full List Of Courses Offered In Ebonyi State University.

The Ebonyi State University (EBSU), is another well pronounced university in Nigeria. The University has helped in consolidating the education standard in Nigeria, especially in Ebonyi state, Nigeria. After its establishment in 1999, the University has greatly imparted into the lives of many students, enduring excellence and and unity among students.

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Below are the list of faculties and courses currently offered in the Ebonyi State University. If you wish to study in this university, it's important you know these courses, and ensure that your own choice of course, is ratified in the school.

Note: All faculty is marked with this sign(➡) and courses are listed below them.


- Accountancy/Accounting
- Marketing
- Public Administration


- Agric-Economics And Extension
- Agriculture
- Animal Science
- Crop Production And Landscape
- Management
- Fisheries And Aquaculture
- Food Science And Technology
- Soil And Environmental Management

➡Arts And Humanities

- English Language And Literature
- French
- History And International Relation
- Igbo
- Linguistics
- Philosophy
- Religious Studies


- Agricultural Science And Education
- Biology Education
- Business Education
- Chemistry Education
- Education & Computer Science
- Education & Economics
- Education & Mathematics
- Education & Religious Studies
- Education & Social Science
- Education And English Language
- Education And Social Studies
- Education Arts
- Educational Administration
- Educational Foundations
- Educational Management
- Guidance & Counselling
- Health Education
- Home Economics And Education
- Human Kinetics
- Physics Education
- Science Education
- Vocational And Technical Education


- Banking And Finance
- Business Management

➡Law/Legal Studies

Civil Law

➡Med/Pharm/Health Sciences

- Anatomy
- Medical Laboratory Science
- Medicine And Surgery
- Nursing/Nursing Science


- Applied Biology
- Applied Microbiology And Brewing
- Biochemistry
- Biology
- Biotechnology
- Botany
- Chemistry
- Computer Science
- Geology And Exploration Geophysics
- Industrial Mathematics/Computer
- Industrial Chemistry
- Industrial Mathematics
- Industrial Physics
- Physics/Astrology
- Zoology

➡Social Sciences

- Economics
- Mass Communication
- Political Science
- Psychology
- Sociology And Anthropology

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Please note that if your own choice of course is not listed above, then the University does not offer your course. It is advisable, you change to any other course ratified in the University or entirely change to another University.