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Monday, 18 December 2017

Important Mistakes You Should Not Make In The On Going JAMB Examination

As the 2018 JAMB Registration Registration is still on going, I have been able to detect some mistakes students incurred in the process of making a safe registration for the exam. Some of the points mentioned here may sound light, but can cause a huge damage if not treated with care . Basically I will speak on four mistakes today, which are broadly typified below.

1. Other Of Candidate's Name:

This is an essential tip you should not forget during JAMB registration. Some novice candidate don't take is serious, but notwithstanding, it is very key.

You must ensure that your Name Comply with the exact Name on your Certificate of birth, as well as other important file you have (E.g WAEC result, Post UTME etc). Also note that they must be on the same format too.
E.g If  Mr A has his name as "Ikechukwu Okeke David" (On his certificate of birth), he must also have this same name, and order of names on his JAMB form too.

Failing to do this will not stop you from writing the exam or reduce your score in the exam. But it may cost you your admission or will require about N3,000 to get it changed to what you want. Please do your best to get this right during registration, and shear it with others.

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2. How To Make Your Choice Of Institution:

Doing this is quit easy, but many candidate still get it all wrong. Before I speak on the point, i advise every candidate that wants to make the right choice of institution in the 2018 JAMB registration, to first of all, make good research about his/her choices before filling them in your JAMB form.

Note that, not all university in Nigeria accept candidates who make them their second choice. E.g UNN UNIBADAN  and many more. This is why you should need plethora of details, before making any school your choice.

Now, after you have finish making your research, and fell you have gotten the best university that suit your course, You can now fill them in the form. But how?

Note that, You can use any polytechnic of your choice, or even a collage of education as your first choice. There is nothing wrong with that. But for those who want to study in the university or want to consolidate their chance of success, it is better you make it, cover all the type of institutions. Be it university, polytechnic, college of education.

Now, since four choices are made available, it is best to make your first choices A UNIVERSITY, your second choice AN ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSITY, third choice A POLYTECHNIC and lastly A COLLEGE OF EDUCATION.

It is very important that you do this as it offers you an alternative when you fate in getting admitted into your first/second choice becomes blur.

3. Giving Out Money To Fraudsters/Scammers:

Recently, JAMB warned candidates to be careful of websites/persons that disseminate fake JAMB questions to students, just to get money from them.

Even though this is not eclectic, I always warn students not to give out money to anybody, all in the name of help, especially in times like this. I know why I am saying this, and students who also took this exam last year can also attest of it too.  Many fraudsters earn from students who fall victim of this. Do not allow anyone deceive you.

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4. Not Taking Time To Ask Questions Before For Making Moves:

I will always assert this to candidates. It is said that "information is power" and as so it is very key to ask questions and learn from others. This will help you do things the best way possible. Like I said before, make research before choosing your course and even your choice of institution. Look for a trusted school website that will feed you with the most right details you need. It must not be our website but make sure it is trusted. By this way, you hardly go offline.

Other Important Tips:

Lastly, if you intend to wait till February, before you register for the examination, you better change that idea now. Because by 2018, the request for the form will be enormous, and may cost you too much time and energy to attain. So why don't you go for it now?
It can even make jamb, assign a center far from where you registered for you. Which you must go. So it is important you register as early as possible.

In conclusion: Please ensure that you do the right thing the right way make sure you ask question before filling your form, pay your fee in the right bank and avoid cheating. Buy doing this, God will help you all.

Other questions should be referred to me using the comment box.