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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Less competitive courses in Nigeria That Can Get You Easy Admission

Hello, are you searching for a less competitive course to apply here in Nigeria? Look no further, as I bring to you 7 less competitive courses that will gain you easy admission. Though, getting admitted to study any course in Nigeria , isn't an easy task. But the once mentioned below makes the task more easier.

So, let's get going!!

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One preceding feature of students in this present day, is that they do not want any Job that will dirty their clothes. Even if it  very profitable. ALL they want is a kind of job that must require wearing of 'SUITS'. Even when it's not much lucrative.

Veterinary Medicine is one of those courses students, detest. But I must confess that, It is very lucrative. One other advantage of studying this course is that, it is very easy to gain admission to study it, since many students detest it.


Studying Language, is not as bad as many student had assumed. Most people say they end up teaching. But this is not always true. There are places where a language professionalist may be required. For instance, people working as ambassadors, representing the country outside. Or even on medias such as the,, All these media surely require a person with high professionalism in language. So you see, it is also very lucrative as well.


This is another lucrative course for students searching for a Less competitive course they can engage in. At present, Nigeria has less number of people wanting to go into farming, and this has greatly made the course even more profitable. Even when many students know that this course is profitable, they still find it very difficult to study it because of this same this same primitive ideology. Getting admission to study Agriculture, is also very easy. For these reasons I enjoin everyone searching for a less competitive course to study to consider Agriculture.


I don't know about you, but I don't think education courses are very odd. Education courses do not just earn you cash, they earn you much respect and honor from the public. Persons with much professionalism on courses like this one, can work in higher institutions and many other places. One other advantage here, is its easy admission offering in any institution at all. Education courses should be good choices of courses to make.


This deals with the construction and
improvement of farming equipments and machinery. With no doubt, Agricultural engineering is another less competitive course in Nigeria. However, people believe the primitive ideology that states 'Agriculture is a dirty job, and is meant for rural people' . Well, in Nigeria today Agriculture pays well and it should also be a good choice of study for students looking for a less competitive course in Nigeria as well.

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Because of the complexity of Mathematics, many student in Nigeria have refused to study it in the University. Thus, they have developed much detest for the subject. This notwithstanding, has made the course very cheap and easy for students to get admitted to study. If you are looking for a course that will offer you easy admission here in Nigeria, Then Mathematics should be one of them.


Just as the Name Implies, Building Technology has to do with construction of edifice(building). One striking probs about this course is that, it is very lucrative and less competitive too. If you want to get easy admission to the University, then building technology is a considerable choice for you, since it pays well and also reduce the streets of getting administration to the University.


Geology might not be as profitable as other courses mentioned above, but it is a good idea for students who will want to get easy admission into the university, due to its less competitive nature. Geology has to do with the study of the earth processes, such as landslides, earthquakes, floods etc.


I hope this will help you get a less competitive and profitable course that fits you. You can send your feed using the comment box. Thank you.