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Friday, 22 December 2017

6 Menial Jobs That Can Fetch You Good Money In School

One of the most essential tip that can help a student live comfortably in school is, having a menial Job where little cash can be gotten from. if you have lived in any Nigeria institution before, I am sure you will be able tell, how helpful it is to have something doing in school.

Today, I will share with you six menial Jobs, that can fetch you good money while in school. The jobs highlighted below have been carefully selected. And in fact, they are the most lucrative menial jobs for very student.

Now let’s get going!!

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1. Designing and decoration:

With no doubt, decorating is one of the most profitable entrepreneurship job, that is fit for students. Any student with good skill in decoration and designing will at least, be able to eke out his daily bread thus, reducing the dependency rate on his/her parent. One other striking advantage of this entrepreneurship job is that, it is less demanding on student. It will never encroach on your study time, or stop you from doing all school activity, you ought to do.

2. Hair Dressing:

Today, hair dressing is no longer a Job for women. It is now a job for everyone. If you haven’t thought about hairdressing, then you must have been missing something out. Hair dressing is one of the most lucrative entrepreneurship job in the university. In fact, if you are very skilled in this aspect, it is possible that you totally sponsor yourself in school. The high test for fashion by many Nigeria students, has vastly made hair dressing the best and most lucrative menial job for student in Nigeria school.

3. Tailoring:

Just like hair dressing, tailoring is another venerable job for school students. Though, tailoring may demand much working materials, which might be out of a normal student’s capital. But this notwithstanding, tailoring can still be a source of good cash for students who want to live by themselves in school. All you need to do is to enrol in a training now, and be the best you can be, because there are much people doing this in school too.

4. Catering:

This might not be as lucrative as the other jobs I mentioned above, but without any doubt, it should also be a good choice of course for students who want to have something doing in school. Catering can fetch you good money if you are very good at it.

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5. Blogging:

Blogging is an obscure job especially, here in Nigeria. it has to do with writing for others to read, learn or get information. On the other hand, you earn from advertising platforms. One important reason why I recommend blogging for students is because, the job conform you to learn more.

However, blogging is too stressful and might not be good choice for students, whose course of study is also stressful. So, before moving into blogging, you must make sure it doesn’t distract your schooling. Note that, you may have to go through good tutorials, before enrolling into blogging less, you stand to loose.

6. Photographing:

Photographing is another way to earn good money in school. Just like hairdressing, it is very profitable and less demanding. All you need for a start, is a camera, and at least a little knowledge of how the business works. It is also worthy to note that photographing is not as profitable as the other jobs I mentioned. But, It can also fetch you good cash if you are good at it.

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Final Words

There are thousands of ways through which one can earn in school, but the ones I just rattle out, are the most profitable ways, and can be done by any sex status. Note that, it is not a must that you do any of the jobs I just mentioned. If you are a student with good talent( such as singing, dancing, comedy and many more), then you can also earn from it as well.