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Monday, 25 December 2017

6 Reasons Why You Should Not Have A Boyfriend Or Girlfriend In School

Having a boyfriend/Girlfriend (being in a relationship) While in school, is prevalent among most Nigeria students. It is very difficult to find a mature student in Nigeria, who truly don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend, even from the secondary education level. Nevertheless, today I am going to explicitly explain, 6 reasons why you don't need a boyfriend/Girlfriend While in school.

So seat tight and let me take you through.

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1. You Get Distracted:

There is no doubt that, the reason for most failure is schools today, is as a result of the concept of having boyfriend/girlfriend in schools. Students who are engaged in this act, finds it very debilitating to focus on their studies, as they would not only have to think for themselves, but their partners too. They spend much time on their relationships, than any other thing. And this, has lure them to failure. This is one of the main reasons why students are not encouraged to go in relationships while in school.

2. You Miss Classes:

This is also an uncontrollable disadvantage of being in a relationship while in school. However, when you ask some student, they will say, they can't leave school for any boyfriend/girlfriend, but this fact is uncontestable. One day, you will be conformed to do so, and after sometime, it becomes a regular tour. You may think, this is totally impossible, but it is just fact. So, if you don't want to Start missing classes, you had better jettison the idea of relationship in school.

3. You Might Get rusticated:

This is another essential reason why you shouldn't have a boyfriend/Girlfriend While in school. You might not be as lucky as those who have been in this game for many years, without any problem. What if you get a girl pregnant? I think it will be the end of your education. Parental obligations set in, and I am also very sure, you will regret that all your life time. It is important you stop this very act, except you want to be a victim of the above.

4. You Become Notorious:

This is very known in the secondary education level. When any student is engaged in this execrable act, he/she becomes very notorious, the whole school starts seeing such person as a negative influence, which they truly are. Parents start telling their children to totally isolate themselves from sure person, because it is not condone here in Nigeria. So, if you don't want people to know you as a negative influence, then stop the concept of boyfriend/girlfriend while in school.

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5. To Much Pressure and Tension:

No student will want to look very dirty in front of his or her new relationship partner. And as so, they seem to be more cautious and tensed when they go out dressing abnormal or perhaps, doing that which they claimed they don't do to their partners.

If you want to live the most pressure-free school life, then desist from having a boyfriend/girlfriend while on school. You will kill your fear and tension in school.

6. You might end up traumatized:

Yes. You can eventually end up traumatized. This act (having a boyfriend/Girlfriend in school) can forced you to do those things which you truly do not want to. E.g Spend extravagantly, and more. And you know for sure, that spending too much is a bad habit in school, especially in Nigeria. So make sure you do away with this execrable act, and you will have the most comfortable school life.


Having said all these, one can rightfully say that having a boyfriend or a girlfriend while in school, does more bad than good to students in Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of education, or any level of institution at all. So students are advised to desist from it.

Friday, 22 December 2017

UNN 2nd And Supplementary Lists Released Download Here

This is to promulgate to the general public, that the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN), has just released her admission list for the 2016/2018 academic sections.

It is also worthy to know that, the school did not just release her second list. But  Probably, all her list for the section ( 4 Admission list at once. One merit list and three other supplementary list).

All candidate who participated in the University's post-UTME examination, are advised to check the list on the school's website, or download it from the links below

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List 1

List 2

List 3

List 4

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Please if the links fail to open, copy them and try them on your browser


All candidate that is offered admission into this university, is expected to follow the steps below to pay the School's acceptance fee.

Visit the University of Nigeria website ( or portal (,

log in your JAMB Registration number to generate and download a Payment Invoice which contains a Remitta number, the invoice will enable you to make payment at any Commercial Bank.

With the Payment Invoice, the candidate is requested to pay Twenty Five Thousand Naira Only (N25,000.00) acceptance fee.

Ensure that the Invoice number is keyed in appropriately at the Bank and obtain a confirmation slip containing your Confirmation number and Invoice number.

Now visit the University of Nigeria website ( or portal ( again

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➡ login your JAMB Registration Number, the Confirmation Number and Invoice Number, then print the Admission slip and complete the Acceptance Form online.

➡Proceed with other fee payments and registration as indicated on the University of Nigeria website.

Congratulations to everyone who made it to the list.

6 Menial Jobs That Can Fetch You Good Money In School

One of the most essential tip that can help a student live comfortably in school is, having a menial Job where little cash can be gotten from. if you have lived in any Nigeria institution before, I am sure you will be able tell, how helpful it is to have something doing in school.

Today, I will share with you six menial Jobs, that can fetch you good money while in school. The jobs highlighted below have been carefully selected. And in fact, they are the most lucrative menial jobs for very student.

Now let’s get going!!

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1. Designing and decoration:

With no doubt, decorating is one of the most profitable entrepreneurship job, that is fit for students. Any student with good skill in decoration and designing will at least, be able to eke out his daily bread thus, reducing the dependency rate on his/her parent. One other striking advantage of this entrepreneurship job is that, it is less demanding on student. It will never encroach on your study time, or stop you from doing all school activity, you ought to do.

2. Hair Dressing:

Today, hair dressing is no longer a Job for women. It is now a job for everyone. If you haven’t thought about hairdressing, then you must have been missing something out. Hair dressing is one of the most lucrative entrepreneurship job in the university. In fact, if you are very skilled in this aspect, it is possible that you totally sponsor yourself in school. The high test for fashion by many Nigeria students, has vastly made hair dressing the best and most lucrative menial job for student in Nigeria school.

3. Tailoring:

Just like hair dressing, tailoring is another venerable job for school students. Though, tailoring may demand much working materials, which might be out of a normal student’s capital. But this notwithstanding, tailoring can still be a source of good cash for students who want to live by themselves in school. All you need to do is to enrol in a training now, and be the best you can be, because there are much people doing this in school too.

4. Catering:

This might not be as lucrative as the other jobs I mentioned above, but without any doubt, it should also be a good choice of course for students who want to have something doing in school. Catering can fetch you good money if you are very good at it.

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5. Blogging:

Blogging is an obscure job especially, here in Nigeria. it has to do with writing for others to read, learn or get information. On the other hand, you earn from advertising platforms. One important reason why I recommend blogging for students is because, the job conform you to learn more.

However, blogging is too stressful and might not be good choice for students, whose course of study is also stressful. So, before moving into blogging, you must make sure it doesn’t distract your schooling. Note that, you may have to go through good tutorials, before enrolling into blogging less, you stand to loose.

6. Photographing:

Photographing is another way to earn good money in school. Just like hairdressing, it is very profitable and less demanding. All you need for a start, is a camera, and at least a little knowledge of how the business works. It is also worthy to note that photographing is not as profitable as the other jobs I mentioned. But, It can also fetch you good cash if you are good at it.

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Final Words

There are thousands of ways through which one can earn in school, but the ones I just rattle out, are the most profitable ways, and can be done by any sex status. Note that, it is not a must that you do any of the jobs I just mentioned. If you are a student with good talent( such as singing, dancing, comedy and many more), then you can also earn from it as well.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Full List Of Courses Offered In Ebonyi State University.

The Ebonyi State University (EBSU), is another well pronounced university in Nigeria. The University has helped in consolidating the education standard in Nigeria, especially in Ebonyi state, Nigeria. After its establishment in 1999, the University has greatly imparted into the lives of many students, enduring excellence and and unity among students.

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Below are the list of faculties and courses currently offered in the Ebonyi State University. If you wish to study in this university, it's important you know these courses, and ensure that your own choice of course, is ratified in the school.

Note: All faculty is marked with this sign(➡) and courses are listed below them.


- Accountancy/Accounting
- Marketing
- Public Administration


- Agric-Economics And Extension
- Agriculture
- Animal Science
- Crop Production And Landscape
- Management
- Fisheries And Aquaculture
- Food Science And Technology
- Soil And Environmental Management

➡Arts And Humanities

- English Language And Literature
- French
- History And International Relation
- Igbo
- Linguistics
- Philosophy
- Religious Studies


- Agricultural Science And Education
- Biology Education
- Business Education
- Chemistry Education
- Education & Computer Science
- Education & Economics
- Education & Mathematics
- Education & Religious Studies
- Education & Social Science
- Education And English Language
- Education And Social Studies
- Education Arts
- Educational Administration
- Educational Foundations
- Educational Management
- Guidance & Counselling
- Health Education
- Home Economics And Education
- Human Kinetics
- Physics Education
- Science Education
- Vocational And Technical Education


- Banking And Finance
- Business Management

➡Law/Legal Studies

Civil Law

➡Med/Pharm/Health Sciences

- Anatomy
- Medical Laboratory Science
- Medicine And Surgery
- Nursing/Nursing Science


- Applied Biology
- Applied Microbiology And Brewing
- Biochemistry
- Biology
- Biotechnology
- Botany
- Chemistry
- Computer Science
- Geology And Exploration Geophysics
- Industrial Mathematics/Computer
- Industrial Chemistry
- Industrial Mathematics
- Industrial Physics
- Physics/Astrology
- Zoology

➡Social Sciences

- Economics
- Mass Communication
- Political Science
- Psychology
- Sociology And Anthropology

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Please note that if your own choice of course is not listed above, then the University does not offer your course. It is advisable, you change to any other course ratified in the University or entirely change to another University.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Full List Of Courses Offered In The University Of Ibadan

Below are the full list of courses offered in the University of Ibadan (UI). All candidate who wishes to attend this university, must ensure, they know the courses the University recommends, and if their own choice of course, is also ratified in the school's list of courses.

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- Accounting

- Adult Education

- Agricultural Science and Education

- Agriculture

- Anatomy

- Arabic Studies

- Architecture

- Biochemistry

- Biology

- Biomedical Engineering

- Business Administration

- Business Education

- Chemical Engineering

- Chemistry

- Christian Studies

- Common and Islamic Law

- Common Law

- Comparative Religious Studies

- Computer Science

- Counsellor Education

- Economics

- Education and Arabic

- Education and Biology

- Education and Chemistry

- Education and Christian Religious Studies

- Education and Computer Science

- Education and Economics

- Education and English Language

- Education and French

- Education and Geography

- Education and History

- Education and Islamic Studies

- Education and Mathematics

- Education and Physics

- Education and Social Studies

- Education and Yoruba

- Educational Management

- Educational Technology / Introductory Technology

- Electrical / Electronic Engineering

- English Language

- Finance

- Food Science

- Forestry And Wildlife Management

- French

- Geology

- Hausa

- Health Education

- History and International Studies

- Home Economics

- Hospitality And Tourism Management

- Human Kinetics

- Igbo

- Industrial Chemistry

- Information And Communication Science

- Islamic Studies

- Library and Information Science

- Linguistics

- Marketing

- Mass Communication

- Mathematics

- Mechanical Engineering

- Medicine and Surgery

- Metallurgical and Material Engineering

- Microbiology

- Nursing / Nursing Science

- Performing Arts

- Pharmacy

- Physics

- Physiology

- Plant Biology

- Political Science

- Primary Education Studies

- Psychology

- Quantity Surveying

- Social Works

- Sociology

- Statistics

- Surveying and Geo-Informatics

- Technology Education

- Telecommunication Science

- Urban and Regional Planning

- Veterinary Medicine

- Water Resources and Environmental Engr.

- Yoruba

- Zoology


The courses mentioned above, are the full list of courses offered in the University of Ibadan.

Please note that, If your choice of course is not listed here, you can either change it to any other one mentioned above or entirely change to another school that ratifies your choice of course.

Easy Step-by-step Registration Process For Jamb Registration 2018/2019

In this tutorial, i will share with you, easy the steps, in to make a successful JAMB registration. Please, make sure read assiduously and ensure you follow the steps listed carefully.

Now, let's get going.

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Step 1: Creating A Confirmation Code (N50)

Firstly, you need to create a confirmation code with your mobile phone, by sending your “Surname Firstname Othername” to 55019.  This will cost you only but just N50. With any network of your choice.

After doing this, a confirmation message will be sent to your phone by Jamb in less than 30 minute. This message will also contain a confirmation code. Please keep this code safe as it will be essential in purchasing your E-pin.

STEP 2: Purchasing Your E-pin

Now, you need to purchase an E-pin from the bank. When you get to the bank, You will be asked to present the confirmation code which was sent to your phone by Jamb. This pin will be used to generate the E-pin you need. (Note that this will cost you N500).

STEP 3: Making Your Registration

Now that everything is set up, you can proceed to any Jamb registration center near you to complete your registration. Before going there, make sure you have the following with you.

>>O'level results

>>Generated E-pin


>> Probably Your confirmation Code

You will be asked to provide all these things before registration is completed. (you will ask to pay your N5000 for the registration and another N700 to the registration center).

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Important Notice

After a successfully registered, you will be offered your registration printout. Please note that this printout is very essential, so you must keep it safe.

It is also worthy to know that the phone number you will use for receiving the confirmation code must not have been used before. So, if you have used your phone number to register before, then you should get a new phone number for it.

Please don't give any unknown person to do this for you, so you won't fall victim of scamming

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Less competitive courses in Nigeria That Can Get You Easy Admission

Hello, are you searching for a less competitive course to apply here in Nigeria? Look no further, as I bring to you 7 less competitive courses that will gain you easy admission. Though, getting admitted to study any course in Nigeria , isn't an easy task. But the once mentioned below makes the task more easier.

So, let's get going!!

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One preceding feature of students in this present day, is that they do not want any Job that will dirty their clothes. Even if it  very profitable. ALL they want is a kind of job that must require wearing of 'SUITS'. Even when it's not much lucrative.

Veterinary Medicine is one of those courses students, detest. But I must confess that, It is very lucrative. One other advantage of studying this course is that, it is very easy to gain admission to study it, since many students detest it.


Studying Language, is not as bad as many student had assumed. Most people say they end up teaching. But this is not always true. There are places where a language professionalist may be required. For instance, people working as ambassadors, representing the country outside. Or even on medias such as the,, All these media surely require a person with high professionalism in language. So you see, it is also very lucrative as well.


This is another lucrative course for students searching for a Less competitive course they can engage in. At present, Nigeria has less number of people wanting to go into farming, and this has greatly made the course even more profitable. Even when many students know that this course is profitable, they still find it very difficult to study it because of this same this same primitive ideology. Getting admission to study Agriculture, is also very easy. For these reasons I enjoin everyone searching for a less competitive course to study to consider Agriculture.


I don't know about you, but I don't think education courses are very odd. Education courses do not just earn you cash, they earn you much respect and honor from the public. Persons with much professionalism on courses like this one, can work in higher institutions and many other places. One other advantage here, is its easy admission offering in any institution at all. Education courses should be good choices of courses to make.


This deals with the construction and
improvement of farming equipments and machinery. With no doubt, Agricultural engineering is another less competitive course in Nigeria. However, people believe the primitive ideology that states 'Agriculture is a dirty job, and is meant for rural people' . Well, in Nigeria today Agriculture pays well and it should also be a good choice of study for students looking for a less competitive course in Nigeria as well.

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Because of the complexity of Mathematics, many student in Nigeria have refused to study it in the University. Thus, they have developed much detest for the subject. This notwithstanding, has made the course very cheap and easy for students to get admitted to study. If you are looking for a course that will offer you easy admission here in Nigeria, Then Mathematics should be one of them.


Just as the Name Implies, Building Technology has to do with construction of edifice(building). One striking probs about this course is that, it is very lucrative and less competitive too. If you want to get easy admission to the University, then building technology is a considerable choice for you, since it pays well and also reduce the streets of getting administration to the University.


Geology might not be as profitable as other courses mentioned above, but it is a good idea for students who will want to get easy admission into the university, due to its less competitive nature. Geology has to do with the study of the earth processes, such as landslides, earthquakes, floods etc.


I hope this will help you get a less competitive and profitable course that fits you. You can send your feed using the comment box. Thank you.

Updated | List Of Courses Offered In The Ahmadu Bello University

Below are the updated list of courses offered in the Ahmadu Bello University (Abu). Students who wishes to attend this school, are expected to know these courses, as it will help them know if their choice of course is ratified in the University.



Local Government And Development Studies
Public Administration




Arabic Studies
Drama/Dramatic/Performing Arts
English Language
Fine Art
Literature In English


Agricultural Science And Education
Business Education
Education & Arabic
Education & Christian Religious Studies
Education & Computer Science
Education & Islamic Studies
Education & Mathematics
Education & Physics
Education And Biology
Education And Chemistry
Education And Geography
Education And Hausa
Education And Integrated Science
Education And Social Studies
Guidance & Counselling
Home Economics And Education
Library And Information Science
Physical And Health Education


Agricultural Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Communication Engineering
Computer & Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Industrial Design
Land Surveying
Mechanical Engineering
Metallurgical Engineering
Quantity Surveying
Textile Science And Technology
Textile Science And Technology
Urban And Regional Planning
Water Resources And Environmental Engineering


Civil Law
Islamic/Sharia Law


And Surgery
Nursing/Nursing Sceince
Veterinary Medicine


Biological Science(s)
Computer Science


International Studies
Mass Communication
Political Science

If you intend to attend this university, and your choice of course is not mentioned above, it is advisable to change your choice of course, or the University if need be.

List Of Courses Offered In The University Of Nigeria Nsukka

The university of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN), is one of the most prominent university in Nigeria. After its establishment in 1960, the university has placed its goal towards consolidating the standard of Nigeria education.

For students who will want to attend this school, it is important you know the list of courses offered in the school.

Which are stated below:



Public Administration And Local Government


Agric Extension Services
Agricultural Economics
Animal Science
Crop Science
Food Science And Technology
Home Science
Nutrition And Dietetics
Soil Science


Art (combined Honours)
B.A. (Single & Combined Hons) In Modern
Creative Arts
English And Literary Studies
Fine Art/Fine And Applied Arts
French With German / Russian
Linguistics Igbo And Other African Languages
Religious Studies
Theatre And Film Studies


Adult Education
Agricultural Science And Education
Business Education
Computer Education
Education & Social Science
Education And Chemistry
Education Arts
Education Science
Guidance & Counselling
Health Education
Home Economics And Education
Industrial Technical Education
Physical Education


Agricultural And Bioresources Engineering
Banking And Finance
Business Management
Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Electronic Engineering
Estate Management
Mechanical Engineering
Surveying And Geoinformatics
Surveying And Geoinformatics
Urban And Regional Planning



Dentistry And Dental Surgery
Medical Laboratory Science
Medical Rehabilitation
Medicine And Surgery
Nursing/Nursing Science
Veterinary Medicine


Biological Science(s)
Computer Science
Computer With Statistics
Library And Information Science
Physics and Astronomy
Pure And Applied Chemistry
Pure And Industrial Chemistry
Statistics Zoology


Mass Communication
Political Science
Social Work
Sociology And Anthropology

Having  known all the courses offered in the University Of Nigeria, I hope this will help choice the right course from the list.

Monday, 18 December 2017

LAGOS State Polytechnic 2017 Admission List Released

This is to publicly promulgate, that the Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH) has just released the list of candidates admitted into the school, for the 2017/18 academy sections.

All Candidate who applied in this school, is advised to check his/her admission status now.

How To Check Your Admission Status.

To check you admission status, please follow the steps below.

• Go to LASPOTECH admission portal at https://

• Log In, using your Username and

• Now, you can proceed to check your admission status.

Congratulations to all admitted candidate.


All candidates offered admission into this school, must ensure they accept their admission through the JAMB CAPs portal.

LASU Acceptance Fee Payment Date/Procedure

The  Lagos State University (LASU), has publicly asserted the assume of her payment of acceptance fee by candidates who were admitted into the university to be on Friday 25 December, 2017 and will end on Friday 29 December, 2017. The school also stated that cost for this, is only but just N20,000 (twenty thousand naira).

It is also important  to know that the Student Undertaking Form (available at the school portal) must also be submitted during this exercise, together with other essential documents.

You can also follow this link to download it directly from here.

Procedures On How To Pay LASU Acceptance Fees

•Visit the school's E-Payment portal at

• Enter your
UTME Registration Number in the Column marked with Matric Number/
PaymentID/Application Number.



Then Click on “Proceed” to continue.

• Now, Confirm information displayed and proceed”

An invoice with the TRANSACTION ID will be generated for you.

All you need to do in to visit to complete your payment with the ID generated.


The Time Table for the 2017/2018 Central Admissions Clearance exercise shall be released soon. We will notify you when it is released.

Important Mistakes You Should Not Make In The On Going JAMB Examination

As the 2018 JAMB Registration Registration is still on going, I have been able to detect some mistakes students incurred in the process of making a safe registration for the exam. Some of the points mentioned here may sound light, but can cause a huge damage if not treated with care . Basically I will speak on four mistakes today, which are broadly typified below.

1. Other Of Candidate's Name:

This is an essential tip you should not forget during JAMB registration. Some novice candidate don't take is serious, but notwithstanding, it is very key.

You must ensure that your Name Comply with the exact Name on your Certificate of birth, as well as other important file you have (E.g WAEC result, Post UTME etc). Also note that they must be on the same format too.
E.g If  Mr A has his name as "Ikechukwu Okeke David" (On his certificate of birth), he must also have this same name, and order of names on his JAMB form too.

Failing to do this will not stop you from writing the exam or reduce your score in the exam. But it may cost you your admission or will require about N3,000 to get it changed to what you want. Please do your best to get this right during registration, and shear it with others.

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2. How To Make Your Choice Of Institution:

Doing this is quit easy, but many candidate still get it all wrong. Before I speak on the point, i advise every candidate that wants to make the right choice of institution in the 2018 JAMB registration, to first of all, make good research about his/her choices before filling them in your JAMB form.

Note that, not all university in Nigeria accept candidates who make them their second choice. E.g UNN UNIBADAN  and many more. This is why you should need plethora of details, before making any school your choice.

Now, after you have finish making your research, and fell you have gotten the best university that suit your course, You can now fill them in the form. But how?

Note that, You can use any polytechnic of your choice, or even a collage of education as your first choice. There is nothing wrong with that. But for those who want to study in the university or want to consolidate their chance of success, it is better you make it, cover all the type of institutions. Be it university, polytechnic, college of education.

Now, since four choices are made available, it is best to make your first choices A UNIVERSITY, your second choice AN ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSITY, third choice A POLYTECHNIC and lastly A COLLEGE OF EDUCATION.

It is very important that you do this as it offers you an alternative when you fate in getting admitted into your first/second choice becomes blur.

3. Giving Out Money To Fraudsters/Scammers:

Recently, JAMB warned candidates to be careful of websites/persons that disseminate fake JAMB questions to students, just to get money from them.

Even though this is not eclectic, I always warn students not to give out money to anybody, all in the name of help, especially in times like this. I know why I am saying this, and students who also took this exam last year can also attest of it too.  Many fraudsters earn from students who fall victim of this. Do not allow anyone deceive you.

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4. Not Taking Time To Ask Questions Before For Making Moves:

I will always assert this to candidates. It is said that "information is power" and as so it is very key to ask questions and learn from others. This will help you do things the best way possible. Like I said before, make research before choosing your course and even your choice of institution. Look for a trusted school website that will feed you with the most right details you need. It must not be our website but make sure it is trusted. By this way, you hardly go offline.

Other Important Tips:

Lastly, if you intend to wait till February, before you register for the examination, you better change that idea now. Because by 2018, the request for the form will be enormous, and may cost you too much time and energy to attain. So why don't you go for it now?
It can even make jamb, assign a center far from where you registered for you. Which you must go. So it is important you register as early as possible.

In conclusion: Please ensure that you do the right thing the right way make sure you ask question before filling your form, pay your fee in the right bank and avoid cheating. Buy doing this, God will help you all.

Other questions should be referred to me using the comment box.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

PHD Funded Scholarship in Czech Republic 2018

The Czech Republic, is offering funded scholarships to all student from any country commencing PhD degree in September 2018, academic year 2018 – 2019.

About Scholarship

This scholarship program will cover full tuition fees and provide stipend for your living expenses. Applicants will be selected based on your academic qualifications. The scholarship is available for the duration of your study. Strong background in Mathematics is an advantage. Previous education in economics is not required.

Level of Education

Scholarships available for PhD programs in Economics only.


To be eligible for this scholarship, students must succumb to this criteria

√ Applicants are welcome from any country.

√ Applicants must meet all the entry requirements for PhD in Economics.

√ Applicants must have sufficient English language proficiency.

√ Scholarships only available for new students commencing study in September 2018. (Current students are not eligible to apply).

√ Good knowledge in Mathematics is an advantage.

√ Applicants with strong bachelor degree may also apply directly to the PhD program.

Fields of Study

Scholarships available only for PhD in Economics

You must submit the following documents:

√ Application form

√ Curriculum vitae

√ Statement of motivation

√ Verified copies of your Bachelor & Master diplomas & transcripts

√ Two letters of recommendation

√ English language proficiency certificate (TOEFL / IELTS)

Duration of Scholarships

Scholarships are available for the duration of your study.

Amount of Scholarships

Successful candidates will receive full tuition fees scholarship and stipend for your living expenses. Candidates with Master degree will usually receive full financial support.

Number of Scholarships Available

40 students are accepted each year.


Scholarships is available to all students from any country. There is no restriction on nationality.

Selection Criteria

Applicants will be assessed based on your academic qualifications (This means, you must be academically good).

How to Apply

You may apply online using the online application form available on their website or deliver all documents by post. There is no application fee!

Application Deadline

The closing date for this scholarship program is April 30, 2018.

Please take note of the deadline. Late submissions will not be entertained!


It is important you adhere to the requirements of the scholarship, as it will consolidate your chance of being chosen.

JAMB Warns Candidates Against Fake Past Questions/ Website

The Joint Admission And Matriculation Board (JAMB), has warn students, against a fake past question that has already been circulated in the country by a fake website.

This was made known by the Head of Media, Mr . Fabian Benjamin. And
made available to the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja on Tuesday.

JAMB, while repudiating this counterfeit papers, said “ The fake past questions in CD ROM entitled, “

The board, publicly affirmed that they are not responsible for such activity, and also enjoined candidates to be careful, so they won't be  a victim of it.

The board also said it had not authorised any individual or groups to do so on its behalf.

“ As a responsible and responsive organisation, we will not be part of any ploy to defraud innocent
candidates. We have put machineries in motion to our outlets and service providers not to be used as channels
of exploitation or distribution of such fake items. ’’

It also restated its commitment to always ensure that all candidate who apply for its examination are not deceived, while calling on them to also avoid fake online sites.

In conclusion, it urged intending candidates to study hard for the impending examinations. And make sure they seek information from right sources.

Final Words.

Just as the board has said, please we apple to you, to only seek information from well pronounced websites. Do not visit any site that is after your money. There are many Education websites online, but only few gives ratified education news.

Remember: Our Aim is to consolidate your  chances of success.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Ibadan Polytechnic First batch ND Admission List (Full-Time)

The management of the polytechnic of Ibadan has officially promulgated the release of her first batch National Diploma (Full time) admission list, for the 2017/18 sections.

All candidate who applied in the school, can now proceed to check their admission status.


1. Visit the admission checking portal via

2. Enter your Username and Password in the box provided carefully.

3. Click on "Login" and proceed to check your admission details.

Congratulations to everyone who made it to the list.